What to Do About Your Headaches
July 10, 2017
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Chronic headaches can really affect your quality of life. Discover some relief through chiropractic care.headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Do you sit at a desk more days than not? Are you hunched over staring at a computer most of the day? Then no wonder you have headaches. Our bodies are not meant for such a sedentary lifestyle. Bad posture, poor office ergonomics and stress can all lead to severe tension in our neck, shoulder and back muscles. These issues can then manifest themselves in other ways such as headaches. Find out how our Bethesda, MD, chiropractor, Dr. Gina Beech, could help.

There are many ways that our Bethesda chiropractic doctor can help reduce the severity or frequency of your headaches:

Spinal Manipulation/Chiropractic Adjustments

Since a chiropractor’s job is to look for dysfunctions within the muscles, joints, tendons and other parts that make up the musculoskeletal system and to improve them, chiropractic care can be a great option for those who suffer from tension-related headaches due to neck problems. When you come in for your evaluation, we will perform a physical examination to check the alignment and health of the spine. From there we will determine if there are any misalignments that will require adjusting.

This manual manipulation works by applying a certain amount of force to certain areas near the spine to not only realign and correct certain vertebrae but to take unnecessary pressure off muscles, tendons or joints that may be causing your issues. By adjusting problems within the spine we can take pressure of the neck and improve your headaches.

Ergonomic Strategies and Lifestyle Changes

Along with chiropractic care we can also provide advice and lifestyle modifications that will help you manage your headaches better. These are usually simple strategies like changing the height of your desk chair or computer, or getting a more supportive and comfortable desk chair or swapping out for a standing desk.

We will also recommend that you take time every 30 minutes to get up from your desk and stretch. We would be happy to show you what stretches to perform everyday to help keep everything functioning properly.

If you are looking to find relief from your headaches in Bethesda, MD, then it’s time you sought help from our chiropractic specialists at the Bethesda Back Center. Learn more about the services we offer and what we can do for you.