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Disk (Disc) Treatment in Bethesda MD

What is a herniated disk?

Our bodies are continuously changing with age. While developing wrinkles and gray hairs are more common and expected changes, more serious issues such as spinal disk degeneration are sometimes less anticipated. Over time, wear and tear on the discs in our spine begin to cause our discs to lose water, which affects flexibility and makes tears, strains and ruptures more likely. This can lead to a herniated disc.

While not everyone will be able to determine the cause of their herniated disc, trauma and lifting heavy objects can also lead to this spinal condition. The majority of herniated disks happen in the lumbar region, or lower part of the spine; however, sometimes this disorder can also develop in the neck, or cervical region.

A herniated disc is often painful. Where you experience pain will depend on the location. Those with herniated discs in the lower spine will often notice pain in the thighs, calves or buttock. However, those with a herniated cervical disc may experience pain in the arms or shoulders.

Along with pain you may also experience numbness, muscles weakness and tingling. Again, where you experience these symptoms will depend on the location of your herniated disc.

How is a herniated disk diagnosed?

To diagnose your problem we will perform a thorough physical exam and discuss your symptoms. We may also test your reflexes and muscle strength to see what parts of the body have been affected by your condition. While a physical exam is often the only thing needed to provide an accurate diagnosis, we may need to perform an X-ray or MRI to find out which nerves are being affected.

What treatment options are available for herniated disks?

Luckily, the majority of those with herniated disks will find relief with more conservative treatments. This includes the use of over-the-counter pain medications to reduce swelling and pain. However, we may also recommend stronger prescription pain medications, nerve pain medications or muscle relaxants to reduce your symptoms. The use of cortisone injections can also greatly reduce inflammation and swelling.

Electrotherapy, heat/ice therapy and spinal traction can also offer relief from herniated disc symptoms and promote faster healing. These therapies can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to provide the ultimate relief. Talk to your chiropractor about which treatment options would work best for you.

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    My work is often very physical and Dr. Beech keeps me running well. I am now seeing her almost weekly for my tune-ups. I find her care necessary and invaluable. I always feel great after treatment."
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